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Teaching English in Poland


Poland is a great country to start or proceed with your ELT career. English is quickly becoming a neccessary tool for employees of both international and Polish companies. Young people find the ability to communicate in English vital and obvious, without which existing nowadays is hardly possible. Poland is a country with a very fast growing economy offering lots of opportunities for development.
As regards tourism, Poland is a country which provides unforgettable experiences for visitors with even the most diverse interests. The enthusiasts of nature will surely enjoy the golden sand of its Baltic coastal beaches to the north and the rocky crags of the Tatras to the south. There is the wonderful network of great Mazurian Lakes for water sports fans and the green wilds of the Bieszczady Mountains for those who like hiking trips.            

Poland boasts many restored old town complexes, the Royal castles of Warsaw and Krakow, the former capital, and the old palaces erected by Poland's magnates. Numerous museums are bringing to mind the memory of bygone centuries such as the Nicolaus Copernicus Biographical Museum in the former seat of Warmian bishops in Frombork or the medieval underground salt mine in Wieliczka.

In Poland there is a heart-warming proverb that all Poles take very seriously. It translates roughly into „A guest in the house is God in the house”. That is why, regardless of where or how they live, Poles draw on their long tradition of -Slavic Hospitality- to welcome people from home and abroad with warmth and affection. Poland is a place where family values are cherished highly and friendships last a lifetime.
Come and meet them on their home ground and visit the land that continues to motivate and inspire them.



Nysa, with over 61.000 inhabitants (including 25 villages) is located in the south-western part of the Opole region, at the Nysa Klodzka river, on the Sudety foot. For several hundred years the town was the capital of the Bishops' Duchy and one of the most important then cultural and economical centers of Europe.
Until now many precious monuments from different historical epochs can be admired.
On the outskirts of the town, at the Nysa lake, tourists can find an extensive recreation-rest complex which is a center of water sports and a point for hikes and bicycle excursions.           

At present Nysa is the third largest economical center of the Opole province, with well developed production potential in the following branches: electrical and machinery, automotive, building-assembling and agricultural-alimentary.
Well-preserved natural environment, high quality of labour market, convenient location between Upper and Lower Silesia, close neighborhood of the Czech Republic (2 border passes) as well as well developed municipal infrastructure, telecommunication, power and gas facilities are our advantages.


Brzeg, situated halfway between Wroclaw and Opole, is one of the oldest and most beautiful towns in Silesia.
Until 1950, Brzeg was located in the Wroclaw Province and after the administrative reform, it was incorporated into the Opole Province. During the millennium celebrations of the Baptism of Poland, there were the so-called "the developments in Brzeg". In May 1966, the police removed clergymen from the parish house located at the Castle Square despite the objections raised by the residents. These objections triggered the repressive measures of the secret police. 

After the administrative reform in 1975 the Brzeg County was liquidated. In 1997 the northern part of the town suffered from the flooding, which afflicted southern Poland. Since January 1999, Brzeg has been the capital of the county once again.