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Requirements for Native Speaker teachers:

Ready to work with us?
Are you a friendly, lively and energetic person? Is teaching more than just a way to make a living for you?
If so, you are welcome to join the Expert Language Centre!

Maintaining the highest level of service to our students we have strict requirements about allowing teachers to work with us. You need to:
· have the CELTA, DELTA or equivalent qualification (other TEFL certificates),
· have a university diploma,
· be a citizen of the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States, Canada, Australia or New Zealand,


Teaching experience is important but you can still be employed if you don\'t have any, since we provide training to our teachers, both during the initial period of employment and continuously throughout the school year.

The kind of person you are
We are looling for creative, friendly, full of energy, open-minded teachers who find contact with students satisfying and rewarding. You will need patience, positive perspective and a good sense of humour.

Your role
The role of a native teacher in our school is mailnly to provide students with an opportunity to SPEAK English. Therefore, the classes taught by native speakers are usually conversation classes. Grammatical structured are covered by Polish teachers.
Classes taught by native speakers start at level Elementary.

Methods of teaching

Method we use
We use communicative method. The main aim of classes is to enable students to communicate in English in a fluent, efficient and accurate manner. Emphasis is put on speaking, although other language skills (listening, reading and writing) are also developed.

Classroom techniques involve mainly pair work and group work activities, role-play, discussion and other communicative tasks. Small groups make it possible for each student to receive individual attention from the teacher facilitating the process of learining.

Our groups
Groups comprise mainly 4-6 or 7-9 students.
There are sometimes smaller groups of 2-3 students, tutorials 1-1 and standard goups of maximum 12 students.

Quality of Teaching
Due to our commitment to maintaining higest quality in teaching we have to fulfill the strict requirements of Polish Association for Standards in English who is a full member of EAQUALS. See www.pase.pl and www.eaquals.org

Professional and personal development

CJ Expert is a modern, well-organized school offering teachers many ways to develop both professionally and personally:

Class observations
Our methodologist continuously oversees the school’s teaching activities. Each teacher is observed by a methodologist at least once a year. After the observed lesson the teacher and the methodologist meet to discuss ideas on how to improve and enrich teaching methods and solve any problems that appear.
School methodologist is always ready to help you if you have any questions or are in need of ideas.

Peer observations
Expert teachers observe each other’s classes. This is an easy and stress-free way to see different teaching styles and develop new classroom approaches.

Teacher training
Several times per year workshops and training sessions are conducted by speakers brought in from specialised teaching institutions. Futhermore Expert teachers very often take part in various teacher training events throughout Poland.