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About us


ExperT Language Centre was founded in Nysa in January 2000 as a small but professional language school. For over ten years we have gained enough knowledge and experience to offer high quality in teaching languages.
Since June 2002 our main office has been located in the very centre of Nysa. In 2003 second school was opened in Brzeg, also situated in the central part of the town. In the following year in Otmuchów we opened next Expert school. In all our branches students and teachers have an easy and convenient access to our offices and classrooms.

Now we are one of the biggest and fastest developing private language schools in the region, employing about 30 teachers: both Polish and Native Speakers, and running more than 100 courses every year.

Our school

All our school is located in the town centres which enables students and teachers to have an easy and convenient access to our offices and classrooms. All the premises are new, spacious and well equipped.


We pride ourselves on our friendly working environment. A team of young teachers and methodologists welcomes new teachers and is always willing to give them a helping hand. Our library offers hundreds of books, cds, dvds and cassettes, while computers with internet access provide opportunities for using the Web, both for professional or private purposes.


EXPERT Language Centre in Nysa
ul. Skłodowskiej 2/8, tel./fax: (77) 435 55 50



Classes are usually taught by two teachers: a Polish leading teacher, responsible for the general course outline, for introducing new grammatical items and for making sure all students have a good understanding of new material covered, and a native speaker, whose main task is to encourage conversation and to give students a practical, real-life perspective.


All our teachers, both Polish and Native Speakers have at least a few years experience and professional qualifications meeting the demanding criteria of PASE (www.pase.pl) recognition scheme.